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A Tribute to Devi



As regular readers will know, the photos I take for paying clients are not generally posted on this site.  The rare exceptions occur when clients are so proud of their images they insist that I share them with the world.  For the most part, the images you see on the site depict professional or amateur models who expected to have their images displayed online.

There are a few pro models that I've worked with multiple times.  I don't mind paying their fee, because I get so many great images that I can share with my readers.  One of my favorites is the amazing Devi.  We've worked together three times over the last few years.   If you're a photographer, be advised that she's based in the Bay Area and you can find her on Model Mayhem.  Like all of the top travelling models on MM, she is very businesslike and reliable.


Here's one of my favorite photos of Devi.  It's actually a hand-held HDR shot processed in Photomatix.


Enough talk... I'm just going to load a bunch of Devi images into a gallery and let the collective impact hit you right in the face.   In a good way, I mean!   Take a deep breath and click here.

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The Last Outdoor Photoshoot of 2017



About every three or four years, Portland is blessed with an Indian Summer.  In October of 2017, we had many days of dry, sunny weather as the leaves began to turn.  I didn't have any outdoor photoshoots lined up to take advantage of this amazing weather, but I could not just let it go to waste.  I had to scramble to arrange one.  


There is a hidden place on the edge of a rocky cliff that overlooks part of Northeast Portland.  You can't see it in the photos, but there is a busy freeway directly behind the model and about 200 feet below.  I've been watching this place for a while to see if had enough privacy for a nude photoshoot.  As is usually the case, it depends on when you go there.  In this case, we did the shoot on a Sunday evening just before dusk.


I needed a model who I could trust not to get too frisky on the edge of the cliff.  She would need to be OK with semi-public nudity and hardy enough to handle the cool breeze for a while.  The freeway noise would make it hard to communicate, so I also wanted a model who could instinctively create good poses.  One name came immediately to mind,  Floofie!  She's something of a local treasure who is very active in the modeling community.  Fortunately she said yes and I then had about 24 hours to plan the shoot.


Statue of PortlandiaStatue of PortlandiaStatue of Portlandia in Portland Oregon


While I was trying to think of a theme for the shoot, I happened to look at a photo of a popular statue in downtown Portland that I'd used as a backdrop for photoshoots in the past.  It's called Portlandia and is considered one of the many quirky things found in the city.  I checked in with Floofie the morning of the shoot and told her I wanted her to dress as Portlandia.  I promised to pick up a trident at a local costume shop and she immediately loved the idea.


For this shoot, I used only one lens, the Canon EF 24-70 L Mark 2, which was mounted on my trusty Canon 5D Mark 3.  Although there was a little bit of light from the setting sun behind me, most of it would be blocked by trees.  I knew I'd need some pretty powerful fill light to balance the fairly bright background.  I used two of my AlienBees monolights, each powered by a Vagabond Mini battery and nicely diffused by a small umbrella.  I didn't want to use big umbrellas due to the wind.  


First I took several shots to determine the best exposure for the background, making sure that the shutter speed was below the flash sync speed of my camera (1/125th was my choice).   Then I turned on the strobes and adjusted their power output to give me just the right amount of illumination on beautiful Floofie.  Some people call this technique "dragging the shutter" but I don't think that's a good description myself.  By the way, this was all done manually, no TTL flash metering for me!


Floofie - Portlandia - 2-17Floofie - Portlandia - 2-17

It's always good to have another person along when you are doing naughty outdoor photoshoots.  This time I brought along my photobuddy Jeremy and we shared the AlienBees by each having a trigger on our cameras.  The AlienBees cycle pretty fast so this worked most of the time.  Here's Jeremy next to one of the strobes, so you can get an idea of the setup.   

Warning! AlienBees in useWarning! AlienBees in useWarning! AlienBees in use


Occasionally, I'd trigger a shot right after my friend had done so and the strobes would not fire.  The background still looked the same, but Floofie was quite underexposed, at least two, maybe three stops.  Since I shoot RAW, I was able to brighten her up, but it really changes the tones of the image.  you can see what I mean in the image below.



Floofie - Portlandia - 2017Floofie - Portlandia - 2017Floofie - Portlandia - 2017

The strobes fired just fine at least 90% of the time, so I got some nice shots like these of Portlandia in super hero mode protecting the city.


Floofie - Portlandia - 2017Floofie - Portlandia - 2017Floofie - Portlandia - 2017

Floofie - Portlandia - 2017Floofie - Portlandia - 2017Floofie - Portlandia - 2017

Before we wrapped up the shoot, I removed the trigger from my camera and moved to a position where I could get shots of Floofie against these trees.  There was a little daylight coming through the trees from the setting sun to my right.

Floofie - Portlandia - 2017Floofie - Portlandia - 2017Floofie - Portlandia - 2017


I'm pretty sure that's the last outdoor photoshoot for me in 2017.  If you'd like me to photograph you nude outdoors, we will have to wait until around May of 2018.  Unless of course, you'd like to pay me to come to your place in the lovely desert Southwest.   Thanks for reading!

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Erotic Couple's Photoshoot An Erotic Couple's Photoshoot

Warning!   NSFW!   18+


One of the main reasons that couples come to me for intimate photography is my strict privacy policy.  If you pay me to do your photoshoot, your photos will never be posted on my website.  You will receive the only copies.  I delete my copies after one year or sooner if you ask.  That has been my policy for several years.


In the last couple of years, I'm finding that some couples will decide after their shoot that they want me to post some of the images from their shoot anyway, regardless of my privacy policy.  Being a bit obsessed with my client's privacy, I often discourage them, but recently a couple convinced me to post some of their images that conceal their identity reasonably well, but still have substantial artistic impact.  They traveled quite a distance to get here so I was predisposed to granting their wish.  We hope you enjoy the photos!


Out of the 400+ images this couple received, we picked out eight that we feel are safe to reveal.  I believe these will help give prospective clients a reasonably good idea of what a typical couple's shoot looks like in my new studio.  As always, remember that these images are what this couple wanted and of course you don't have to do these same poses.  Each shoot is different and is adapted to meet the needs of that particular couple.  





As you can tell, this couple requested black and white.  I enjoy working with B&W, even though it takes more time for post-processing.  One fun thing about this shoot was that I switched between natural daylight from the windows and my studio strobe system.  You really have to know your studio and your camera to make that work - it's a fun challenge for me!


If you are interested in having a photoshoot of your own, please use the contact page to send me a note.  I usually reply within a few hours.

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Artistic and Sexy Rope Bondage Photoshoots Artistic and Sexy Rope Bondage Photoshoots, aka: Shibari


It's been a busy summer here at the Beyond Boudoir Photo studio! Word has gotten around among my kinky friends that my new studio has excellent overhead "hard points" suitable for doing rope bondage suspension scenes.  In case you haven't heard, rope bondage in general, and rope suspension specifically, is all the rage among "kinksters" worldwide.  No more do aspiring dominants spend big bucks for expensive leather and metal bondage gear.  Now they spend money on rope, lots of rope, in many different colors and made with a bewildering variety of man made and (mostly) natural fibers.  



Good bondage rope runs about a dollar a foot and most people start out with about a hundred feet.  Often, people who dedicate themselves to the art of rope bondage have thousands of feet on hand.  A thriving cottage industry now exists to fulfill the demand for high quality bondage rope in the BDSM community.   If you are looking to buy some hiqh quality rope, is the site of the friend who installed my hard points.


Rope artists gather in work groups to practice their skills and learn from more experienced artists.  Some call themselves "riggers" but others dislike the term.



The amount of sexuality involved in a rope bondage encounter varies tremendously, according the wishes of the participants.  The person who is being tied up can be described as a "rope bottom" or a "rope bunny" among other things.  It is quite common to take photos of the rope session and post them on appropriate social media.


Sometimes the rope bottom is fully clothed, sometimes fully nude or something in between.  When a rope session takes place in public, it's sexy, but there is rarely any sex.  At most, the rope bottom may be granted an orgasm via something like the Hitachi Magic Wand.   In private, it's a different story.  Many rope instructors offer courses in bondage for sex.  The couple below has done rope play together many times and enjoy being in front of the camera.  They got a free photoshoot and you get to enjoy their pix!  I plan to post more from this shoot later.



When someone is tied in this manner, it is a very sensual experience.  Most people seem to go into an altered state of very relaxed consciousness.  Terms for this include "subspace," being "rope stoned" and "flying," to name a few.  When they reach this state, their pupils are often dilated and their gaze appears unfocused.



When suspending a person with rope, it is very important to have a reliable "hard point" above them to bear the load, as well as knowing the load ratings of all the various pieces of rope and metal connectors that are used for convenience.   A good, sturdy hardpoint is said to be "rated for full suspension."  Although a person may weigh less than, say, 250 pounds, the hardpoint is typically expected to hold perhaps five to ten times that weight to provide a margin of safety.   The same goes for the rope and carabiners which always come with a weight rating.



I always make sure the rigger is skilled, knows all the safety rules, and follows them rigidly.  I only allow expert riggers to do full suspension in my studio.  Accidents do happen, but not here.  If a rigger I don't know wants me to do a photoshoot for him and his partner, I ask to see photos of his past work and ask who he has studied under.



If you would like to schedule a Shibari photoshoot in my studio, but don't have a friend with excellent rope skills, I do have friends I can call on who will share their skills with you.  Typically, you would meet with them in advance of the shoot so that they can ask safety-related questions and make sure you understand the simple safety rules.  If you haven't been suspended before, it will most likely be an amazing new experience for you.

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Merrique Nude In The Columbia River Gorge  

Merrique Nude In The Columbia River Gorge

Readers of this blog will know that I sometimes pay professional models to pose for me, because the photos I take for clients are protected by my strict privacy policy.  When my budget allows, I enjoy working with the top-tier, travelling models who are found on Model Mayhem.


Photoshoots with these pro models often produce my best and most creative work, because I'm free to shoot the images I want, not those that a client has requested.


This blog post chronicles an outdoor shoot that I did with St. Merrique last week in the Columbia River Gorge.  I love shooting in the Gorge, partly because I know of some secret spots where you can do nude photoshoots.


St Merrique in the Columbia River GorgeSt Merrique in the Columbia River Gorge


Shooting outdoors is a big change from my usual studio work and I really enjoy the challenge of working in uncontrolled conditions.  I usually bring along one Alien Bees 400 studio light and a Vagabond Mini battery pack to power it.  I find it to be a nice combination.  You do get a little bit of light fluctuation if you shoot fast, but it's not a problem for me.  I like to use a small (24 inch) umbrella outdoors.  Anything larger risks being blown over by the wind, even though I have the weight of the Vagabond Mini on the light stand.  For this shoot in a windy location, I also put a couple of fist sized rocks into a fabric "sandbag" and hung that on the base of the light stand.  That did the trick, no toppled lights on this occasion.


These two images of St. Merrique on the red fabric were created with the Canon EF 100mm F/2 on my 5D3 at ISO 100, 1/200, F/2.5.  This lens is not super-sharp wide open, but if you stop it down about 2/3 of a stop, it sharpens up nicely.  The lighting on this shot was provided by the blue sky overhead with appropriate color balancing in Lightroom to keep her from looking blue.


St Merrique in the Columbia River GorgeSt Merrique in the Columbia River Gorge

St Merrique in the Columbia River GorgeSt Merrique in the Columbia River Gorge


For the photo below, I used my Alien Bee as a front light while the model was illuminated by the sun coming from camera left.  The lens was my workhorse Canon EF 24-105 F/4 IS L.  Exposure data:  F/6.3, 1/60, ISO 100.  I was able to balance the flash and daylight without using a neutral density filter, which made me happy enough to snap dozens of variations of this scene. 


St Merrique in the Columbia River GorgeSt Merrique in the Columbia River Gorge


The next two photos show a completely different approach to lighting.  Since the model is backlit, I had a choice of using my strobe to balance the light or simply let the background be washed out.  I chose the latter, because I wanted to see the backlight coming through the pink fabric.  I had to brighten the shadows a bit in Lightroom and adjust the color balance a lot.



St Merrique in the Columbia River GorgeSt Merrique in the Columbia River Gorge St Merrique in the Columbia River GorgeSt Merrique in the Columbia River Gorge


I was happy to give up some technical image quality to get the artistic look I wanted.  If you would like to see more photos from this shoot, click here to see a gallery of selected shots.

You can find our lovely model, St. Merrique on Model Mayhem.  She's great to work with and travels to many areas.


Thanks for reading!

If you would like to book me to do a shoot with you, please read the FAQ, check my rates, then use the contact page to drop me an email!

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BDSM Photoshoots  


Some Thoughts on BDSM Photoshoots

And the First Rope Shoot in the New Studio!



I mentioned the effects of "Fifty Shades of Gray" in a blog post about two and a half years ago.  Since then, the demand for BDSM themed photoshoots has dramatically increased.  As you can see from my portfolio, a good deal of my work has a BDSM theme.  This comes as no surprise to my many friends in the Portland BDSM community, which I've been a part of for over two decades.


Fifty Shades ShootFifty Shades ShootUsed with permission of the models.
Copyright: Beyond Boudoir Photo 2014


It's been interesting to see the changes in what women and couples wish to include in their kinky photoshoots.  If you take a look at the 2014 blog post mentioned above, you'll note that it's a pretty soft version of BDSM.   As time has passed, I'm getting more frequent requests for what you might call serious BDSM shoots.  These often involve rope bondage and some degree of sensation play, which includes things like spanking, clamps and various impact toys.



It's almost always a woman who contacts me seeking a BDSM photoshoot.  Sometimes she wants to pose with her man, sometimes she wants to shoot solo and give the images to her man as a gift.


My new studio has overhead hard points which were installed specifically for doing rope suspension play.  This is generally known as Shibari or Kinbaku.  


My own rope skills are minimal, so when a client requests a rope bondage photoshoot, I rely on a few friends who are talented rope experts or riggers, as I like to call them.  They love what they do and will usually help out in exchange for gas money, a microbrew or some fancy Portland coffee.


Sometimes a client will request a BDSM shoot in a real dungeon, complete with crosses, spanking benches and other fine articles of sexy debauchery.   In that case, my first option is to rent a sex-positive club in Portland called Catalyst, a Sex Positive Place.      


I've organized a number of group photoshoot events at Catalyst, so I have a good understanding of how it can be used photographically.  You can see some of my photos of this venue here.



Two of my kinky friends came to my new studio a few days ago to perform a fairly advanced rope suspension scene.  It was the first rope shoot in the new studio, which is an auspicious occasion!  As I mentioned above, the new studio has special hardpoints installed about 11 feet above the floor specifically for rope suspension.


On a funny side note, there are now rope bondage experts in Portland who specialize in the installation of safe hardpoints for suspension play.  A lot more thinking goes into this task than you might expect, so don't try this at home unless you really know what you're doing.  But I digress...


This couple had great chemistry and high level rope skills, it was an honor to watch and photograph them at play.




You can see a gallery of their photos here if you like.  These 289 images are un-retouched so please excuse any small imperfections and send my friends a mental thank you for allowing me to share their intimate images with you.



I hope to have many more rope shoots in the new studio.  If you are involved in Shibari/Kinbaku and would like to have some photos of you and your partner in action, please contact me and we can discuss the details.  I believe the gallery mentioned above is a pretty typical representation of what you can expect to receive.


Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to the studio!




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My New Daylight Studio First Photoshoot In My New Studio


A New Camera


A Lovely Model From Arizona


Three things came together for this photoshoot.  I just moved into a new home and since my studio is in my home, that meant getting a new studio set up and learning how to use it to best effect.


Two days before this shoot, I received a new camera that I intend to use a lightweight backup to my trusty Canon 5D Mark 3 and as a travel camera.


Moving is always hectic and I put my photography on hold for a month, so I didn't have any shoots lined up when I was ready to try out the new studio.  Luckily, I ran into Tori on Model Mayhem and she agreed to drop in for a studio shoot.  I don't think it's fair to do a lot of experimenting when I'm working for paying clients, so I have no problem paying experienced pro models to pose for me while I tinker with new gear or a new concept.  


The new studio has several large windows that allow daylight to enter at various angles as the sun moves throughout the day.  I've always loved simple window light, so I was looking forward to experimenting with it.


The walls go up about eleven feet to the ceiling and are painted a kind of yellowish tan.  I was very curious about how that would effect the color balance of my photos when the daylight bounced off the warm-toned walls.  As it turned out, the color balance looked fairly similar to standard daylight.  I think the bluish light from the blue sky was warmed up a bit by the warm walls.  A handy coincidence!



I was loving the soft window light, but I wasn't thrilled by the yellow/tan walls as a backdrop for portraits.  I quickly put up a white backdrop.



I like that background color a lot better!  However, you can now see the reflection of a large window in Tori's eyes.  These are called "catch lights" and are an important topic of discussion among portrait photographers.  I think these catch lights are too large and make her eyes look glassy or something.  What do you think?


It was now around 6 PM and a large beam of sunlight offered itself for our artistic pleasure...



Overcome with a burst of artistic creativity, Tori and I moved the white backdrop into a location where it was illuminated from the rear by the strong, direct sunlight. Tori was front-lit by the large window, which gave us the high-key effect that required 5 or 6 strobe lights to create in my old studio.  The shot below was done entirely with natural sunlight.




Time to take some "sitting on the hardwood floor" shots that are popular these days.  Tori had some fun imitating one of my photos that was propped against the wall.



One of my complaints about the old studio was the low ceiling, so I wanted to try using an overhead strobe.  This was a 4 foot strip light, directly above the model, aimed down at her.   The strobe mixes with the natural daylight in interesting ways that will require more experiments in the future.



Then of course we had to have some fun with my trusty mirror...



Tori is on Model Mayhem, but the best place to contact her is her Facebook page.  Take it from me, she's a delight to work with and very professional.  Treat her well and don't try to haggle over her fee, she's worth every penny!


Now about that new camera...  I picked up the new Canon EOS 77D to use as a travel camera and as a backup for my trusty 5D3.  I wanted a smaller, lighter camera body that would provide image quality close enough to that of my bigger pro camera that nobody would know the difference.  The photos above are a mix of shots from the two cameras with various lenses.  I can't tell the difference without going back into Lightroom and looking at the data for each shot.  I'm betting you can't tell the difference either!



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Four Things to Remember About Nude Maternity Photoshoots  


Four Things to Remember About Nude Maternity Photoshoots



Lots of moms-to-be decide they wish to have some professional photos to record this special stage of life.  Just as in boudoir photography, most women and most commercial photographers prefer to de-emphasize the woman's sexuality and concentrate on the "nurturing mom" look.   That's fine for most people, but what if you prefer a more sexual look?  Something more provocative, that doesn't deny your sexuality.


Obviously, the answer is to get in touch with Beyond Boudoir Photo and schedule a photoshoot.  But there's more to it than that.  The biggest question is when to do the shoot.  For some reason, almost all of the women I've worked with felt that they should wait until the final month of their pregnancy, but I disagree and here are four reasons.  


  • In the final month, many pregnant women are uncomfortable and don't look very happy.
  • Mobility can be an issue during the photoshoot.  It's hard to move the body into attractive positions.
  • Things get very busy in the final month and photoshoots are often cancelled.
  • Babies can come early and don't care that you have scheduled a photoshoot.


In my opinion, the best idea is to schedule three or four photoshoots to document the various stages of the pregnancy.  Each stage is different and beautiful in its own way.  If the last shoot gets cancelled by an early arrival, it's not a disaster.


Here is an example of an early pregnancy photo.  I think the subtle changes are quite lovely, don't you?



And of course, here is a later stage photo of a different woman:



As always, these photos are of women who agreed to allow their photos to be used here in exchange for a free photoshoot.  (I call that a trade shoot.)   Paying clients are covered by my strict privacy policy, so you will never see their photos.


Sadly, I don't have any examples I can show you that depict one women in the various stages of pregnancy.  If you know someone who would like to volunteer to pose in exchange for free images, please send her my way!


Update:  I do now have a number of nude maternity images that I can share with you, but out of respect for the lovely moms who posed for trade shoots, I am keeping the gallery protected with a password.  If you are pregnant and interested in discussing a sensual photoshoot, please use the contact form to request the password to the maternity gallery.

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Christina at Beast Daylight Studio Christina

Photographed at Beast Daylight Studio in Portland, Oregon




As my regular readers know, the photos I create for paying clients are protected by my privacy policy and can't be used here.  I rely on friends and professional models to pose for me so that I have images to share with you.


I like to get out of my studio whenever I can.  It's fun to shoot outdoors, in hotel rooms, in private homes and sometimes I rent a commercial studio space.  In this case, the location is known as Beast Daylight Studio in Portland, Oregon.  I've used it a few times before in order to enjoy the daylight that comes in through the big South facing windows.  Here's a shot of the windows from a previous shoot with Adryana:


The model for this shoot is the lovely Christina Bee who can be found on Model Mayhem.  I have a lot of admiration for the young women who work as traveling models through MM.  Not many people at that age are brave enough to travel to strange cities and connect with photographers.  They also have to be smart enough to do it safely.  I always treat them with great respect and thank them for working with me.


I usually use only the natural daylight at The Beast, but for this shoot, I brought along a single Alien Bees B400 and a medium size umbrella.  I'm glad I did, because it was a very cloudy day and the light was dim for much of the two hour shoot.  This shot was done using only the daylight, which worked pretty well if the model was close to a window and facing it.  Of course you have to compensate for the blue color cast, but that just takes a quick adjustment of the color balance sliders in Lightroom.


The light was fairly dim, so I put the camera on a tripod and shot at 1/60 sec, F/2, ISO 400 using the Tamron 85mm.  Of course the tripod doesn't stop the subject from moving!


Mixing very cool, blue, daylight with strobe light is an interesting challenge that's fun for me.  You usually can't get the color perfect on all body parts, since they are illuminated by sources of different colors, but using the local adjustment brush in Lightroom you can come pretty close.



Of course no shoot at this studio is complete without a black and white art nude photo.  I added a little grain in honor of the years I spent shooting Tri-X Pan film.



If you would like to see more photos from this shoot, you can view a gallery at this link.  Thanks for reading!


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This Erotic Photographer Makes House Calls  

Why This Erotic Photographer Makes House Calls







A Portland Boudoir PhotoshootA Portland Boudoir PhotoshootSexy portland girl nude. A Portland boudoir photoshoot.


There are many reasons why a woman or couple might wish to have erotic photos taken.  Among the top three are:

  • To commemorate a couple's sexual passion for each other.
  • To create seductive images that will increase your partner's attraction for you.
  • To capture sexy photos that can be posted on adult dating sites or sent to prospective playmates.


Of course there are many reasons why you might not want racy photos and there isn't much a photographer can do about most them.  But if you are nervous about going to a photo studio and posing for naughty photos outside your normal, comfortable environment, well there's a way around that.  What you need is a photographer who makes house calls!


I'd like to share with you some of the photos I've taken of women and couples in their own spaces.  Some were in homes, some were in hotel rooms.  Most of my images are not available to share, as they are covered by my strict privacy policy and in fact many have already been deleted from my archives, but I also do some shoots with friends and models who are willing to share their photos with us in return for a free photoshoot.


When I do a private shoot in someone's home or hotel room, I usually try to do it during daylight hours so that I can make use of the soft daylight that comes in through the windows.  Exploring the available light is great fun for my inner photography geek.



If daylight is not available, I bring two studio strobes with reflective umbrellas that allow me to control the lighting quite nicely.  Some clients request dramatic, high contrast light, like the example below which used a single studio light with only the basic reflector, no umbrella to soften the light.


A Friend in the SpotlightA Friend in the Spotlight



You may notice that there isn't much obvious photoshopping in my images.  There may be some, but my philosophy is that you should not be able to tell.  I may actually do quite a bit of editing in some cases, but I really dislike the "plastic skin" look that you see in so many fashion photos and men's magazines.


I'm not going to include any really graphic images in this blog post, since I prefer to keep those in a password protected gallery that is only available to prospective clients.  Just let me say that graphic photos are no problem. With Beyond Boudoir Photo, your imagination is the only limit!  


If you would like to see more of my house call images, please click this link to go to a gallery I put together just for this topic.


As always, thanks to my friends and various models who have agreed to pose for me and allow me to share their sexy images with you.



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Studio Shoot with Kat Alexis and a beauty dish  

A Studio Shoot with Kat Alexis and a Beauty Dish



While perusing Model Mayhem one day, I noticed a new model in my area.  I loved her look and we quickly booked a shoot in my studio.  The best thing about my studio is that I can shoot there at any time, regardless of the weather. Well, almost.  We had to delay the shoot twice due to a pair of serious snow events that are highly unusual in the Portland area.  Finally, the snow melted and we were able to go to work.


Kat Alexis was a joy to work with, so if you need a great model in the Portland area, she has my highest recommendation.  You can find her on Model Mayhem.  


There was also another reason I was excited about this shoot.  I had just received an inexpensive 16-inch Fotodiox beauty dish from Amazon and I was dying to try it out.  I've used lots of umbrellas, soft boxes, strip lights and brolly boxes for light modification, but this was my first experience with a beauty dish.  Photographers say it gives a unique light, but the photos I've seen on the net didn't seem to give me a good feel for what to expect.  What else could I do but buy one and try it out myself?


The Fotodiox beauty dish came with a grid, which turns the dish into something of a spotlight.  I wasn't sure how much beam spread I'd get with the grid, so that's what I checked with my first shot.  The dish is about 4 feet from the model's face and there are two gridded hair lights behind her.


That's a very interesting effect for headshots and I'm sure I will use it again, but I mostly shoot full body portraits.  I quickly removed the grid and moved the dish back a bit farther from my model.  



Now that's useful light!  From head to hem.  You can see the dish on the left and a hair light in the upper right corner.  I noticed that the color balance is more toward the blue than my softboxes and umbrellas.  I presume this is due to the white paint on the working side of the dish.


I put the grid back on and fired up a big Paul C. Buff strip light to camera right to act as a fill light.  Notice that in the first two photos above, I had the model turn her face toward the dish.  In the photo below, I had her point her nose directly at the camera.  See how there is now a fairly dramatic shadow alongside the nose?  Even though I was using a strip light (a long softbox) as a fill light, the lighting was still pretty dramatic.



One nice advantage of the dish is that it doesn't take up a lot of space in the studio.  I'm thinking it will also be more wind resistant outdoors compared to the umbrellas I normally use.  Of course it doesn't fold up, so I saved the box it came in for transport.  Hopefully, when the weather eventually allows outdoor shoots, I will be able to write a full report for my loyal readers.

Here is a shot that shows the blue shifted color balance of the beauty dish.  Normally I use a preset in Lightroom to give me nearly perfect color balance from my studio lights.  The other photos you see have had additional correction applied, but this one has not.  I was wondering if this would create an issue when I combined the dish with the strip lights in a single image, but I didn't see a problem.




All photos were taken with my Canon 5D Mark III at ISO 100.  The main lens was the workhorse 24-105 F/4 L.  The strobe units were various kinds of Alien Bees and the triggers were the cheapest Yongnuo junk I could find on Amazon. :)


If you would like to see more photos from this shoot, you are welcome to click here to see more.  FYI: the model received over 200 edited images for her own use.  


Thanks for reading!








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Summer in the Columbia River Gorge  

Summer in the Columbia River Gorge



My favorite place to shoot outdoors is the Columbia River Gorge.  It's beautiful, it's close to where I live, and I know several spots that have enough privacy for nude photoshoots, at least on weekdays.  On the weekends, hikers and tourists overrun the Gorge, so you need to go elsewhere.


This photoshoot was done over a year ago and as you can see it was Summer.  The outdoor nude shooting season here is roughly from May through September.  The lovely model can be found on Model Mayhem if you'd like to work with her.   Although many of my blog posts involve some pretty nice lenses, this shoot was conducted with three inexpensive Canon lenses.  When I'm not getting paid to do a shoot for someone, half the fun for me is playing around with different photo gear.



These first two photos look a bit like amateur snapshots, because I was experimenting with on-camera flash.  I really don't like on-camera flash, but I wanted to try it under these conditions.  Notice the shadow, indicating that I held the camera vertically, with the speedlight hanging off to the left side.


Switching back to available light, I had the model move to an area of photogenic rocks for various poses.


Fortunately, this was late in the day, so there was no direct sunlight.  Each spot that I use in the Gorge has it's own sunlight schedule.  The trickiest part is getting the color balance right, since the model is illuminated by the blue sky above and sometimes by reflected light from green vegetation.  


The photos up to this point were taken with my Canon 5D Mark III and a Canon EF 24-105 F/4 L IS used wide open to create some moderate background blur without obliterating the scenic background.  This lens is a real workhorse and not very expensive.  You can often find it for around $600.  A Mark II is just out from Canon, but early reports say it doesn't offer much improvement over the already great Mark I.


Just for fun, I switched to a radically different lens, the Canon EF 40mm F/2.8 "pancake" lens.  I was shooting at F/4, so the background blur was still moderate.


After some full body portraits, I wanted to do some upper body shots and switched to the Canon EF 85mm F/1.8 USM lens.  This is a wonderful and inexpensive portrait lens, usable on both full frame and crop-sensor cameras. As you can see in the shot below, I was using a wide aperture for shallow depth of field in order to focus attention on the flowers.  This was at F/2 - the sweet spot for this lens when doing outdoor portraits is between F/2 and F/2.8 in my opinion.  It loses sharpness at F/1.8 and if you go beyond F/2.8 you don't get the nice background blur.


Now I can't wait for Summer to come back!   If you'd like to see a gallery with more pix from this shoot, just click here.  

Thanks for reading. 

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Rope Bondage Photoshoot With Pure Rebel at Catalyst in Portland Oregon  

Pure Rebel in Rope at Catalyst

a Rope Bondage Photoshoot



As most of my readers know by now, the photos I take of paying clients are strictly private and you won't see them on this site.  To get the photos you see here, I either do trade shoots with friends or pay professional models to pose for your pleasure.  In this case the model is the lovely Pure Rebel, a fantastic pro model who travels around the world doing sexy photoshoots.  I don't mind paying her fee, because I always get a huge number of fantastic shots.  A good pro model knows how to pose herself and has a collection of facial expressions to fit any situation.  It's money well spent, in my opinion.  And isn't she adorable in her warm robe?  This was supposed to be a test shot, but I thought it helped tell the story of this photoshoot.



Our location for this shoot was "Catalyst - a sex positive place."  Located in Portland, Oregon, Catalyst is a venue for parties, meetings, art shows and of course photoshoots.  We used the main dungeon or playroom for this shoot.  It has a number "hard points" overhead for safe suspension scenes.



The rigger (rope artist) for this shoot was a friend of mine who is known online as MrOldSchool.  He lives to tie up beautiful women and was happy to offer his services in exchange for photos.  Actually, I think he'd be willing to do it even without the photos!


MrOldSchool has a thing for old sound equipment and he just happened to have a Rebel amplifier handy to use as a backdrop for our friend Pure Rebel.



The most technical shot of this photoshoot was the suspension scene below.  Getting the shadow just right in the available wall space was tricky and it took quite a bit of photoshop work to remove distractions from the background.  Electrical outlets, cords, and signs tend to detract from the artistic effect!


Equipment for this shoot included three Alien Bees studio flash units, two with umbrellas and one with a reflector and a 40 degree grid that was used to create the shadows.  The camera was my trusty Canon 5D Mark III with the amazing EF 24-70 F/2.8 L II lens.


If you'd like to see a gallery of images from this photoshoot, please click here.


Comments are welcome! 




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Photographing Maree in the daylight studio  

Photographing Maree in the Daylight Studio


Maree in the Daylight StudioMaree in the Daylight Studio



Most readers know that I do private photoshoots for women and couples who need a discrete photographer.  But I also do model portfolio shoots for aspiring models who are entering the world of nude and erotic modeling.  These are often trade shoots, which means that I can share the images with you here.  The model for this shoot is Maree from Model Mayhem.


This shoot took place in a great rental studio we have here in Portland called Beast Daylight Studio, formerly Buck East Studio.  It's in an old industrial building and has huge windows on the South side of the room.   The whole room is painted white, with other backdrop colors on movable panels.


I have a nice studio in my home that gets a lot of use during the rainy Pacific Northwest Winters.  After a couple of months, I start getting anxious to shoot elsewhere.  I'm perfectly happy doing private shoots for clients in their own homes, in hotel rooms or vacation rental homes, but when I do a trade shoot with a model, I want to indulge my inner artist with some lovely daylight.  


You can see the results in this gallery.  The photos are NSFW, 18+, etc....    Enjoy!


Tech details:  all photos taken with a Canon 5D Mark III.  All but one were done with the Canon EF 24-70 F/2.8 L II and mostly at ISO 100.


Your comments are welcome!



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Nikki Maternity Photoshoot - NSFW Nikki Nude at 7 Months

A Maternity Photoshoot


Before I get to Nikki, I just wanted to say that I'm viewing this on a new 34 inch, curved screen, LG monitor.  This is a big upgrade for me and I'm really impressed.  One very important thing any serious photographer should do is calibrate their monitor for brightness and color.  I use an automatic calibration device called Color Munki, but there are less expensive ones that will do the job well.  If you don't calibrate your monitor, you have no idea how your images will look to the folks who view them on their own devices.  Even if you do calibrate, remember that your viewers rarely calibrate their own monitors, so you still don't really know how they are seeing your work.  But at least you did your part, right?  So let's move on to the lovely Nikki!


Nikki is a stunning local model who just happens to be seven months pregnant.  We agreed to do a shoot in my studio so that you, my loyal readers, could see a great example of a sexy, nude, maternity photoshoot.

We started out with my two big 5-foot long strip lights, powered by Alien Bees, providing front illumination.  There were two more Alien Bees with grids behind the model to act as hair or rim lights.  I like to have the model sit on a simple stool for the first photos, while I have her move her head in different directions.  I call this "learning the face" since everyone has good and bad angles.  Whatever I learn by doing this, I apply to the rest of the photoshoot.  



As I always do for studio shoots, I'm using my trusty Canon 5D Mark 3 at ISO 100.  I'd like to say that I was using some exotic prime lens, but this entire shoot was done with an old Canon 24-105 F/4 L IS lens.  Since I planned to shoot at F/5.6, there was little reason to use anything more sophisticated.  Most of these shots were done between 35mm and 60mm.  Too bad nobody makes a zoom like that, I'd buy one immediately!

We moved on to some more revealing standing and posed positions.  You can see the boudoir/glamour photography influence.  Notice the prominent rim lighting in the next photo.



I decided to try some high key photography with the white backdrop.  At first, I used no front illumination, in an attempt to create a silhouette effect.  There were only two Alien Bees in operation, both aimed at the white backdrop.  After looking at the resulting images, I decided to lighten them up in post processing, which gave them an interesting soft look.  I also reduced the "clarity" which is a wonderful option in Adobe Lightroom.  Not the silhouette look I had envisioned, but still attractive. 




Next, I switched on the two soft boxes to provide front illumination, which is my normal high-key look.





If you would like to see more photos from this shoot, click here for a gallery of select images.  I did very little retouching on these, so you can tell more about how they were created.  

If you are a potential client and would like to talk to me about doing a private shoot for you, please take a look at my FAQ.

Thanks for dropping in!  If you'd like to thank Nikki for posing for us, you can find her Model Mayhem profile here.


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Anna, August, 2016  

Anna - August, 2016



Well, that was a fast and busy Summer!  I fell behind on my blogging schedule, but I don't mind since I was busy with fun photoshoots.  Plenty of paying clients, I'm happy to say.  Of course those images are protected by my strict privacy policy so you will never see them.


Fortunately, I made time for some shoots that I can share.  This one was with my model friend Anna Sereno.  Not only is she athletically gorgeous, she happens to be a pretty highly trained firearms enthusiast.  We decided to do an outdoor shoot in the hot August sun at a secluded home where she could display both her charms and her arms.


I brought along my photographer friend, Jeremy, who had some creative ideas of his own, one of which was to play around with a large gold reflector.  Anna is also quite a good photographer, so there were three of us mixing and amplifying our creative ideas.


We started out on the deck of the country home with the sun directly behind Anna.  I was using my Canon 135mm F/2 L lens on my 5D Mark 3 from almost 20 feet away.   Jeremy was just to the right of Anna aiming the gold reflector at her to fill in the shadows.  I'm including this screwed up example to show what can go wrong in a tricky situation like this.

Lighting Fail!


The most obvious problem is that the gold reflector is not large enough to cover our lovely model.  Another problem is that I forgot to bring a lens hood for my 135mm lens and I'm getting a bunch of hazy lens flare at the bottom of the image.  Fortunately, I could crop most of it out.

Anna suggested that she sit down so that the reflector could cover more of her body.  Great idea!  We can also see the pretty flowers behind her now.

You may not agree, but I thought the orange skin was too much.  Anna's late Summer tan combined with the gold reflector was too much of a good thing.


Anna NudeAnna Nude with AR

I reduced the orange saturation in Lightroom to make her skin look just about like it did in reality.  Isn't that better?

Anna Nude with AR

I quickly got tired of shooting into the sun and looked for a different spot.  Anna wanted to pose with a handgun and an amazing leather strap outfit.  This was gonzo photography at it's best!



A good shooting stance

Jeremy was standing to Anna's right, holding the gold reflector to fill in the shady side of her body.  At this angle, the gold color was not so overwhelming.  No color adjustment was done in Lightroom.

Gun slinger on tiptoes

For these shots with the strappy outfit, I used a Tamron 85mm F/1.8 IS wide open to blur the background.

This last image was taken with the Canon 50mm F/1.2 L at F/2.   If you are a gun person, you will have noticed by now that there are no visible safety violations in any of these photos.  I watched her like a proverbial hawk the entire time we were working and she never once broke a safety rule.  We triple checked the weapons to confirm that they were clear.  It's so nice to work with someone who knows what they're doing!  

Girl on a Glock sign

So that's one of the things I did during the Summer of 2016.  Things are slowing down now as the Portland rainy season sets in.  I will try to post some more of my adventures in the coming weeks.


If you are a photographer near Portland, be sure to work with Anna Sereno if you can.  She's amazing!




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Nora at the Waterfall June 2016  

Nora at the Waterfall



A lovely actress named Nora asked me to create some sexy images of her in front of a waterfall.  I just happen to know of a private spot not far from Portland that provides enough privacy for nude photoshoots.


The location is actually quite tricky, because of the quirky lighting.  There is a lot of green foliage that casts a green light on the model and a small open, grassy slope that gives off a lot of yellow light when the sun is on it.  There is also some exposure to the blue sky as well as whatever electronic flash illumination you care to add.   The result is that your model will have the top of her head look blue, the part of her face and body facing the flash look normal, and some parts, like the legs or sides of the torso, looking green!

I've used this location several times, so I have learned how to adapt.  Sometimes, I try to make the flash overwhelm the ambient light.  At other times, I will use only ambient and color correct in Lightroom.   It makes for a challenging post-processing session!

This first shot is a 50/50 mix of flash and ambient:



The next five photos use more flash than ambient.  Notice the moving water behind the model, that will give you a clue to the slow shutter speed.



The next three images were all done with available light only.  The waterfall was behind me and acted as a large, diffuse light source.  If you have never used a waterfall as a giant softbox, you don't know what you're missing!

As we moved away from the waterfall, the green ambient light became more dominant and made it harder to maintain good skin tones.  I didn't really mind, as the result is rather artistic looking.


It's really up to you how red or green you wish to make the final image.  BTW, the beautiful bokeh behind the model was produced by the Tamron 85mm F/1.8 lens used wide open.

For this final shot, Nora wanted to pose with her swimsuit in front of the waterfall.  Illumination was provided by an Alien Bees 400 with a large umbrella.  I use the excellent Vagabond Mini for power.



I'm not sure what Hugh Hefner would think of these photos, but I like how they show my style.  I'm not trying to duplicate the style of the Playboy photography team.  Sure, you could bring ten people to this waterfall and carry in a dozen studio lights and powerpacks, but it's so much more satisfying to say you did it yourself!  With the aid of the lovely Nora, of course!


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Will you photograph my tattoo session?  

Will You Photograph My Tattoo Session?




Tattoos are extremely popular in Portland these days.  You can find a tattoo parlor on every block, next to the coffee shop and the microbrewery.  They say we have some of the best tattoo artists in the nation here.

Getting a tattoo can be a big event in one's life.  We typically hire photographers to record other events like weddings, engagements, graduation and more.   But how many people hire a photographer to shoot their tattoo session?   Not very many, I'd say.




If you did want a photographer, how would you find one who would be willing to take on the job?  Most photographers wouldn't be interested, especially if there was nudity involved.  Fortunately, that's why Portland has Beyond Boudoir Photo!


I recently did a shoot for a friend who was getting her first really nice tattoo.  She agreed to let me share the photos with you.  The artist was also interested in having photos of herself at work to help promote her business.




If you are interesting in planning a tattoo photoshoot, you must talk it over with your artist first and get permission to have me there in the studio with my gear.  It may help to tell them I'm happy to provide some images to the artist that they can use for self promotion.  Usually I try to crop out my client's face on those, but it's up to them.




One good thing about photographing tattoo sessions is that it doesn't really take too long.  Unlike a wedding, you don't have to photograph the whole thing.  The two subjects aren't moving around much and there are only so many angles you can shoot from in a typical tattoo parlor.  I'd say an hour is plenty.  I typically charge $150.



After the tattoo has healed, I recommend scheduling a second photoshoot in my studio to document the new tat in all it's colorful glory.

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Studio Shoot With Adryana and the Tamron 85mm F/1.8 VC  

Studio Shoot With Adryana and the  

Tamron 85mm F/1.8 VC



This edition of An Adventurous Photographer in Portland includes three elements.  The first is our lovely model Adryana, who recently moved to Portland and is available for paid work with local photographers.  You can find out more about Adryana on Model Mayhem, Tumblr or Facebook.  She's great to work with and very professional.


The second element is the location.  We shot these images in a very cool rental studio called Buck East Studio in Southeast Portland.  It's on the second floor of an old two story industrial building.  It is quite a large room, with tall windows running almost the complete length of the South facing wall.  There is also a very effective skylight if you want the light to come from above.  There are several movable panels that act either as white reflectors or darker neutral backgrounds.  The walls and floors are mostly white, so you are going to get soft light whether you want it or not!


There are two Alien Bees if you want to use them, but I go there for the amazing available light.  All the photos in this post were taken using natural late afternoon daylight on a partly cloudy Portland day.


The third element is the new Tamron 85mm F/1.8 Di VC USD lens which I received an hour before I was scheduled to head for the studio.  I did a quick focus calibration on my Canon 5D Mark III, like I always do with a new lens, and headed for the studio to meet up with Adryana.


Since 85mm lenses are considered portrait lenses, and that is certainly how I intend to use it, I started with a fairly standard portrait.  The very soft light is good for portraits, but makes it a bit difficult for a lens to show off its inherent sharpness.  Here is the full frame image of our first pose.



You may notice some darkening in the corners of the image.  That is called vignetting, which from a purely technical standpoint, may be considered an undesirable lens aberration.  In actual practice however, portrait photographers generally like vignetting as a style element.  If it isn't present, I often add it in post processing.   Let's crop this image down to more of a typical headshot and see how it looks.


Not bad for an available light headshot with minimal makeup and no retouching.  This was taken at ISO 200, F/2 and 1/125th.  With my old Canon EF 85mm F/1.8 lens, the fine details would probably not be too sharp at this aperture and shutter speed.   Let's zoom in on the eyelashes and see how sharp they are.  My apologies to Adryana for not doing any retouching, but lens test shots should be unretouched.





We moved to a spot underneath the large skylight and I placed some white reflectors in front of the model to both the right and left of the camera to avoid the lit-from-above look.  This shot is cropped to about half the original size.


After working with the skylight for a while, we went back to the area illuminated with window light.  Here's another shot with the 85mm lens. 


I moved back as far as I could and just barely managed to capture a full body portrait.  Generally, the 85mm focal length is not your best bet for full body shots, but I have to say this lens really is quite sharp, even near the corners.


Still using the window light, I used a satin-like gold backdrop and switched to a lens I really like for full body portraits, the Canon EF 35mm F/2 IS.  All of the following images were taken with this lens wide open for a shallow depth of field.






At this point, I decided to try shooting directly at the windows.  There are at various ways to make this work.  The simplest way is what you see in the first photo.  It is exposed properly for the model, while the windows are allowed to exceed the camera's dynamic range and go completely white.



Another fun option is HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography.  Without going into great detail, this involves shooting multiple images, in this case only two.  One was exposed for the model and one for the windows.  The images are combined with image processing software.   I used Photomatix Pro for this one, but I will often do this within Lightroom.  Note that I did not use a tripod.  The software is now so good that it will combine hand held photos quite nicely.  Photomatix tends to give you a pretty artistic or surreal effect compared to what you get with Lightroom.


The new 85mm Tamron is definitely a keeper and so is Adryana if you need a great model in Portland.  That's all for this episode of "Tales of an Adventurous Photographer in Portland, Oregon."   See you next time!

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Gallery Show at Club Privata Portland June 2nd 2016  

Beyond Boudoir Photo

Gallery Show at Club Privata

Thursday - June 2nd - 2016 - 6 to 8 PM

Portland, Oregon


Please join the friends of Beyond Boudoir Photo for a gallery show at Club Privata, an upscale Portland sex-positive lifestyle club.  Over 20 framed images will offer a retrospective of the last seven years of Dr. Mike's intimate photography.  


The subjects are real people from the Portland sex-positive and fetish community.  The images show them having fun and enjoying their sexuality in a way that comes through to the viewer.  Since Club Privata is an over-21 venue, explicit works will be included.


You know Beyond Boudoir likes to do things a bit differently.   Unlike a typical gallery show, these prints will not be for sale.  Instead, they will be given away to the people who are captured in each photograph. If you do find one that you must have, please ask for a print of your own, which can be provided within two weeks for $150.


Note:  The photos are all used with the permission of those who posed for them.  This does not affect my strict privacy policy for paying clients.


Admission to Club Privata is absolutely free during the gallery show - no membership required.  There is a full bar with excellent bartenders and a very good free buffet.  If you have been curious about Club Privata, this is a great chance to check it out at no cost and get a feel for the vibe at this great new Portland club.   After 8 PM, the club is cleared and the evening's normal adult lifestyle time begins.  If you wish to ask about membership, please inquire at the welcome desk.


Club Privata is located at 824 SW First in downtown Portland, Oregon.  Parking on the street is usually easy to find after 6 PM, however this is Rose Festival season and there will be activities along the nearby waterfront.  You will probably be more likely to find parking farther away from the waterfront.  After the show, you may wish to enjoy the waterfront attractions. 


Portland Best Boudoir Photographer "model on bench"Friend on bench near Portland's Union Stationintimate, explicit boudoir, racy, raunchy, nude, sexy, risque boudoir, photographer, photography, private, discrete, couples, couple, portland oregon, photo studio.

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