Erotic Photoshoots - The Free Pass

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The Free Pass


Not all of my photoshoots are erotic, many don't even include nudity, but lately most of my clients seem to be asking for truly erotic photoshoots.  Maybe it's the Fifty Shades of Gray effect.   Maybe my reputation is spreading.  I'm not really sure about that, but I have been thinking about something that I wanted to share with my readers.


Scheduling an erotic photoshoot creates a variety of emotions for women and couples.  Of course everyone is nervous, that's understandable.  But something I've noticed during the years I've done erotic photography is very interesting.  Many people, both men and women, experience  heightened erotic feelings before, during and after their photoshoot.  Why does this happen?


My theory is that the photoshoot gives them a free pass to express and enjoy their own sexuality. 


We exist in a society that has some pretty messed up attitudes about sex.   Just watch television for a while.  Sometimes sex is bad, sometimes it's good, but you are never supposed to talk about it openly because it is somehow shameful.  If you do talk about it, smarmy innuendo is the way to go.  In this environment, the photo studio becomes a place of refuge where the crazy outside rules are left behind for a while.   You are free to do whatever you like.   Maybe the fact that the studio is in Portland has something to do with it, since the city is known for sexual freedom. 


There is actually a social movement called the Sex Positive Movement that is worth checking out if you're interested.  In nearby Seattle there is the Center for Sex Positive Culture that promotes healthy attitudes and safe exploration.


Another possible factor is the influence of pornography.   We all watch some kind of porn and wish that we could do the things that the performers are doing.   But of course that would be bad, so we don't.  Being in front of the camera turns us into performers who aren't bound by the confusing rules of general society.   The free pass doesn't last long, but you do have the pictures as testament to your bravery.


No doubt each person has their own reasons and influences.  I'm sure I haven't thought of everything yet!  Check back with me in a couple of years and I may have some new thoughts on this subject.


Erotic Photoshoot for CouplesErotic Photoshoot for Couples



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