An Erotic Couple's Photoshoot

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An Erotic Couple's Photoshoot




One of the most rewarding photoshoot genres for me is the erotic couple's photoshoot.  When a happy couple wants to record their passion, I consider it an honor to apply my artistic talents toward creating images they'll be proud to own many years from now.


Because of my strict privacy policy, it isn't often that I can share images from these very private photoshoots.  In this case two friends who are very public about their sexuality kindly agreed to have their photos posted here on my blog.


erotic couple's photoshoot by Portland's Best Boudoir PhotographerGetting Comfortable in Front of the CameraStarting out slowly.  


Doing an intimate photoshoot for a couple is all about comfort.  First, the couple has to be comfortable with the photographer's commitment to protecting their privacy.   Then, there has to be some friendly chemistry between the couple and the photographer.  Maintaining an erotic mood is always a delicate thing - even more so when a third person is invited to watch.  In fact, the photographer needs to do more than watch.  He or she needs to do a certain amount of directing in order to get well composed and illuminated images.   As you can imagine, it's easy to kill the mood if the photographer says or does the wrong thing.  


Erotic Couple's Photoshoot, copyright Beyond Boudoir Photo 2014 Portland OregonLovers Talking


Most photographers would never consider doing this kind of shoot, and with good reasons.  Not many are sufficiently  "sex positive"   (follow the link to Wikepidia if you are unfamiliar with the term)  and of course lots of things can go wrong with a shoot like this.  I've been doing this kind of photography for around two decades, so it feels natural to me now, but it didn't start out that way.  As in all things, there is no substitute for practice.  The photographer needs to be non-judgmental at all times and encouraging at just the right times. 


NSFW Erotic Couple's Photoshoot, copyright Beyond Boudoir Photo 2014 Portland OregonRough and Writhing


Each couple has their own concept of how they want their images to look.  It's the photographer's job to understand their vision and try to create images as close as possible to that goal.   A pre-shoot conversation is vital, but can be done partially by phone or email.  There are a few critical issues that must be decided in advance.   For example, you should decide how explicit the images are going to be and, most importantly, you should try to establish the nature of the sexual chemistry between the two subjects.  It is also helpful to find out how the couple feels about their body image, as this will effect how they should be posed and what kind of draping or costuming, if any, will be used to reduce body exposure.


NSFW Erotic Couple's Photoshoot, copyright Beyond Boudoir Photo 2014 Portland OregonIn Control


Most couples have one partner who takes the dominant role, although they may switch places.  Some couples are laughing and playful, some are rough and animalistic, you get the idea!   The photographer needs to be ready to capture all this in a series of still images.  The ultimate goal is to show the personality of the subjects and the spirit of their relationship.


Erotic Couple's Photoshoot, copyright Beyond Boudoir Photo 2014 Portland OregonA Happy Outcome


One last note... when people inquire about having me do a shoot like this for them, they often want to know how explicit their images can be.   My more explicit images are password protected to avoid excessive traffic.  If you are considering a photoshoot of this type and want to see my more explicit work, use the contact form to send me a note.  Please tell me approximately where you are located and when you might be interested in scheduling a photoshoot.


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