What Makes You Most Nervous About Having an Erotic Photoshoot

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What Makes You Most Nervous About Having An Erotic Photoshoot?


Since I started this site over two years ago, I've had a lot of inquires from folks who are interested in paying me to do an erotic/intimate/naughty photoshoot for them.   Many of them seem quite excited about it, but the most striking thing I've noticed is that only a small percentage ever go through with the shoot.  Those that do are very happy with their images and almost always say they would do it again.


There are many things that can cause a person or couple to change their minds about doing an erotic photoshoot. Their relationship situation could change, their job or health status could change, maybe they just get too busy.   But I think the most common cause is that people simply get nervous.  If I have a chance to meet with a potential client, the nervousness mostly goes away and once we actually begin the photoshoot, they find they are actually enjoying themselves in ways they haven't before.  I love watching the transformation.   Unfortunately, many are unwilling to take our conversation beyond email and never make it past the barrier.


I could list several things that might make people nervous, but I'd rather hear directly from you.  If you are considering an erotic photoshoot, I would love to trade some emails with you regarding the things that make you most nervous.   In return, I'll send you the passwords to the protected galleries, if you like.  


Drop me a note here and tell me your thoughts!


Feel free to respond no matter how long this blog post has been up.  Thanks for your time!


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