A Boudoir Photographer Makes a House Call

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A Boudoir Photographer Makes a House Call

The vast majority of boudoir photoshoots take place in a photographer's studio.  Many women find this to be a comfortable choice.  Leaving their usual environment behind allows them to free their sexuality for a short time and enjoy creating sexy images that would normally be a step too far outside their comfort zone.


But some women are more comfortable posing in their own homes. It certainly is more convenient for them if they can find one of the rare boudoir photographers who makes house calls.  The resulting images have a much different feel than images created in a studio.  More natural and informal, even though the body is just as carefully posed.


As is my usual practice, I prefer to start with my client fully clothed.  I use these initial shots to "learn the face" which means that I'm watching how her features change as she moves her head and changes her expression.   We were using window light here, so I was carefully watching the shadows.



Pretty soon I'm comfortable with the light and have figured out the best angles.  My client is also getting comfortable working with me, so we can move on to the next stage of the shoot.   


So far, all these images were done with the Canon EF 35mm F/2 IS on my Canon 5D3.  I find this to be a great combination for bedroom shoots where you need a wide angle lens, but not so wide that it distorts the subject. Also, the image stabilization is nice, since the natural light is often limited.  This lens is sharp, but not painfully sharp like the Sigma Art lens.  When shooting lovely ladies, I find that I prefer a softer rendering.


The following three photos make use of the softest form of window light, when the photographer has his back to the window.  And just in case you are curious, there is very little retouching on any of these photos.




Starting with the next photo, I switched to the Canon EF 24-70 F/2.8 L II.  The focal length was recorded as 25mm, which should cause some definite distortion of the perspective.  And yes it does, see how her hips and legs look unnaturally small?   Personally, I don't care for that look.




In order to add some variety to this shoot, I decided to do some art nude poses.  Not strictly boudoir, but who is going to complain?



For the last scene, we used a stairway to create some unusual poses.  I do love a good hair flipping photo and this seemed like a good place for that.



Of course my style differs greatly from standard commercial boudoir, that is entirely intentional!  

Thanks to my friend Devi for playing the role of the happy housewife who wants naughty photos for her husband to look at while on his business trip.  


Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.  There are lots more blog posts here if you'd like to explore further.


William Power(non-registered)
Found your site while Googling around in advance of delivery of new Canon 5D Mark III and totally love the natural and wonderful portraits but also the shared technical details. I have non-L Canon primes, 28mm/1.8, 50mm/1.4, and 85mm/1.8, and very keen to see how they perform in low-light situations, with the M3, (compared to 7D) so your site was very helpful. My immediate objective is photographing Celtic dancers in dimly-lit locations here in Nova Scotia. Thank you and keep up this wonderful work!
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