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My services are not for everyone.  You may live too far away, you may want a female photographer, you may just want a different style of photography or a different artistic vision.  If you wish to see more options, here is a list of my photographer friends that I recommend.  Check them out and see what you think!



Portland:  Pasha  Erotic Photography for Lovers

If you feel more comfortable with a female photographer, check out Pasha!  She is a very accomplished photographer who also offers many vanilla photo services that you can see at

In her own words:  "I love to assist in the process of ones own coming out of and returning into themselves. my specialty is working with those who are shy in front of the lens. I offer a lot of guidance as well as give you plenty of room to find your own shapes."


Beaverton:  Norm Leveille

Norm is one of those "under the radar" photographers who doesn't really advertise.  He does great nude and glamour photography - even family pictures and weddings.  Women find him by word of mouth. 


Portland:  Kenji

Kenji is a great all around photographer, but these days he is very excited about "wet plate" photography.  It uses a technique that was popular in the 1800's.  The images are very distinctive!  Check out his gallery and you'll see what I mean.  Women are flocking to him for wet plate photos.


Portland:  Mika Martinez

Sometimes you just need a female photographer!  Mika is known for her "dudoir" photos of men.  She also works with women who feel more comfortable doing their boudoir photoshoot  with a female photographer.


Pennsylvania:  Scott Church

Scott Church is quite a famous photographer on the East Coast who has done work for major publications as well as ordinary people.  My style was influenced by his teachings at a workshop he offered several years ago.


Los Angeles:  Liquid Erotica



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