Photosets for Collectors of Fine Art   

Please read this before you scroll down to see the pretty photos!


People have been asking me for years if I sell photosets from the shoots I do with beautiful models.  After all, I shoot hundreds of images during a shoot and only post a handful.  The rest of those sexy pix have been sitting on my hard drive feeling unappreciated.  Until recently, I didn't have the free time to do anything with them, but now, if you are a connoisseur of fine nude photosets, you can purchase these intimate, collector's editions.


Each photoset includes all the "keepers" from a particular photoshoot that I did with a pro model or couple (not private clients who pay me).  This is typically 300-600 high resolution images that you will be able to download onto your own hard drive.  


Only pros who signed a full release of rights form will be featured in collector's photosets here at Beyond Boudoir Photo.  These copyrighted images are for your personal enjoyment only!  You will not have legal authority to resell them or post them anywhere online.  


If you wish to purchase a photoset you see below, please send me an email with the name of the photoset you'd like to purchase, and I will send you a Paypal invoice that you can pay with your credit card.  Your contribution helps pay the lovely models and supports my expensive photo gear habit.  You will receive a link to a folder on Google Drive where you can download the images and store them on your own hard drive.  If you buy one, the second one of equal or lesser value is half price.


If you see a model on my site who catches your eye, but doesn't have a photoset available, I may be able to create a custom set for you from my archives.  It's a time consuming process, so there is a premium price attached.   If you have a very generous budget and would like to commission a shoot with a particular model, feel free to drop me an inquiry via email at: 


If you are an experienced collector of fine photosets, I'd love to trade some messages and hear more about what you look for and what prices you feel are fair.  I'm pretty new to the photoset business and welcome advice.


Please note that some of the women you see on the site are not professional models and their photos will not be available. 


Photoset #1


Photoset #1


Models:  Sgt. Miles and friend  Number of photos: 439  Size: 2000 pixels, longest side  Theme: couple shoot and bondage with sex.   Price: 49.95 USD


Photoset #2

Photoset #2

Model: Star    Year: 2011    Number of photos: 745     Size: 2000 pixels on longest side     Theme: Bondage for Sex, no penetration.   Price: 39.95 USD


Photoset #3





Photoset #4




Model: Angelica     Photos:  605     Resolution: 1500 pixels     Theme:  Angelica wants her man to remember to come home from his road trip, explicit.   Price: 19.95 USD 



Photoset #5


Model: Christina  Images: 759  Resolution: 1500 pixels  Theme: nude studio shoot, not explicit.  Price: 19.95 USD