Body Modification With Photoshop



Every woman wants to know what can be done with Photoshop, even if she is afraid to ask.  Here is a good example of what I feel is a great way to use Photoshop to change the look of the body without making the image look fake or manipulated.  Many other changes can be made that are still subtle enough that they look realistic.  Watch the photo below alternate between the retouched and the unretouched images.  This one took about an hour to complete the work.  See if you can count the different areas that were modified.



As you can see, several changes have been made, but the model still looks like a real person.  Greater changes than this can be problematic.   Here is another fairly subtle example.  I call this "Playboy Style' retouching.  It's not for everyone, but it's lot of fun if that is what you are looking for.   See if you can spot the three main modifications.

For an example of facial retouching, go here.