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Photography at Bachelorette Parties


Every bride-to-be wants her bachelorette party to be special and memorable.  It's common to have your wedding photographer take some photos of the girls in rather formal poses at the beginning of the party.  But what if you and your girlfriends really want to party and share your sexuality?  How do you get good photos of that?


The problem is finding a good photographer who can handle the chaotic and often sexual atmosphere of a real, private, bachelorette party.  That's where I come in.   My background in the sex-positive and fetish communities allows me to stay calm and professional in any situation.  Your images will be protected by my strict privacy guarantee.


How does it work?  Well, to start with, if you want a photographer to ride along with you on a pub crawl and photograph your crew getting drunk, you are better off just using your cell phones.  What I offer is a dedicated, discrete photoshoot at your home or hotel.  It's a much better female bonding experience than going downtown and getting wasted together.


Every bachelorette party is different, but I've found that the following concept works best.


The photographer (that's me) needs a separate room, such as a bedroom, living room or hotel room in which to set up a temporary studio.  Those who wish to pose for the camera can come in one at a time or in groups.  They can get silly, get naked, get kinky, or do whatever they want, there is no limit.  I'll make them look their best.  If all the guests agree, I can roam around and shoot some candid shots of the guests enjoying themselves.  Every party is different, which keeps it fun for me.


The hostess will be the one who receives all the images a few days later via download.  I like to use Google Drive for that.  She then distributes them to the guests in whatever way she feels is appropriate.  The images are not copyrighted and you can use them any way you like.  I will never post them on the internet or give them to another person.  As always, I delete my copies after a year or sooner if you like.


If one of your party guests happens to fall in love with one of her photos, she may wish to have a high-resolution copy without my logo.  She can contact me directly for that.  There are reasonable charges for processing and retouching with photoshop, if needed.  Details can be found on my rates page.


Once again, each party is unique!  The hostess and I will need to make sure we have fully discussed the ground rules and that all the guests understand them as well.  I recommend putting the rules in writing and giving each guest a copy or at least having them sign your copy.


The fee will vary depending on the location and the number of guests expected.  A 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid in advance (60% if travel is involved).   The balance must be paid before the images are delivered.  The hostess is responsible for paying my fee, so it's important that a single hostess-in-charge be identified.



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