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Improve Your Intimate Selfies With My Private Retouching Service

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Professional Retouching For Your Intimate Photos


On many occasions I've been asked to do my retouching magic on revealing photos that people have taken themselves.    You've seen them, those intimate bathroom and bedroom selfies that you send to your boyfriend or husband when he's at work.  Most of them aren't worth saving, but sometimes you happen to get an erotic masterpiece that just needs a little photoshopping to become a real work of art.


Finding a photoshop wizard that you can trust with your racy photos isn't easy.  That's why I've decided to make this a regular service here at Beyond Boudoir Photo.  Just send me the original image file without any processing or compression and tell me roughly what you would like done.  Typically, I remove background clutter, blur scars and stretchmarks, remove tattoos and hide blemishes.  I also do general photography adjustments on color balance, contrast, etc...


When I get the image, I will tell you in advance what the work will cost.  Typically it will be in the range of $30-50, which you can pay with a credit card via the PayPal invoice I send you.  Once paid, I will email the retouched image back to you as an attachment and you can use it any way you like.

Sometimes I receive photos that are of such poor quality, they just can't be improved.  If it's hopeless, I will tell you before you send any money.  

When you receive your retouched photos, I want you to be completely satisfied with the results.  If you aren't, I offer two options.  

1 - Tell me what changes you would like to see and if possible, I will make them at no additional charge.

2- If the photo can't be improved enough, send me a different photo and I will retouch it at no charge. 


No other person will see your photo.  Your private image will be deleted from my computer after one week, so be sure to make a backup of the copy I send you.


If you like, I can also place a copy of your image in a hidden, password protected, gallery on my web site.  That way, you can order prints, coffee mugs, place mats or whatever you like and they will be sent directly to your home.


Modern cell phone cameras can produce fairly high quality images, especially if they have enough light to work with.  You may be surprised at how good your intimate selfies can look with a bit of professional editing.  Here are two important tips for getting the best indoor naughty selfies:

1.  Use as much light as possible.  Turn on all the lights in a room and bring in an extra lamp or two.  If it's daytime, open the curtains.

2.   Hold your phone very, very steady as you take the picture.  Practice a few times if you need to.


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