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This week I discovered a great place to shoot on a local river!

May 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


This week I discovered a great place for private, nude photoshoots on a local river!



One of the best things about being a photographer near Portland is getting to do outdoor photoshoots from May through September.  Unfortunately, since my shoots usually involve nudity, finding an appropriate setting is actually quite difficult.  Most of the attractive outdoor locations, like waterfalls and viewpoints, are overrun with hikers or tourists much of the time.  Even if you get off the beaten path, your shoot can still be interrupted by intrepid hikers or just people who want to hang out at the river.


Downtown Portland, where I used to be able to do "guerrilla" photoshoots with flashes of nudity at certain times of day when few people were on the streets, is now a hive of activity 24/7.   Some of my semi-secret locations in the Columbia River Gorge don't work as well as they once did due to things like fallen trees and forest fires.


The public nude beach that used to be usable is now off limits, because some of the regular beachgoers took to calling 911 when they saw a photographer working with a model.  To make things worse, they would make false reports claiming that child porn was involved.  Fortunately, I heard about that second hand through the photographer's grapevine.


So this week I was very pleased to find a couple of great shooting locations along a local river about 35 minutes from my home.  It's still a weekday-only place for nude shoots, but I can live with that.  The place photographs very well on cloudy days or in the evening, which also happen to be times when people are unlikely to be there.


I will post a few photos from the first shoot I did there last week.  The model is Tori Victorine and we were creating some photos for her to post for sale on  Enjoy!


These were all done with available light in the evening after the sun went behind the walls of the canyon.  If I shoot there on a sunny day, I will probably bring a strobe or two for fill flash.  The camera was my usual Canon 5D4 with EF 24-70 F/2.8 Mark II.


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