Call for Models Who Want to Work with Beyond Boudoir Photo


If you are a cis-female nude model in the Portland, OR area, you may able to work with Beyond Boudoir Photo.  There are certain requirements and two basic options that I will explain.   For either option, you must be OK with posing nude and having your face in the photos, which will be sold to collectors around the world.  Models of any ethnicity are welcome to apply.  Most shoots take place in my cozy studio about 20 minutes Northeast of Portland airport, but I also make house calls if you have space to shoot at your place.


Paid Photoshoots


Only models who have a certain look are eligible for paid shoots.  Due to the niche market where I sell my work, models must have a look that is often described as "girl-next-door."   This means minimal tattoos, piercings and other body modifications.   Body type should be firm and fit, with natural breasts and no visible body modifications or scars from self-harm.  Hair color should be one found naturally in humans.  The age range is 18-30. 

Shoots last two hours and you receive cash on arrival.  Pay depends on attractiveness, experience, and willingness to do erotic poses.  Ideally you have a modeling profile online with good current pictures of yourself that show your face and body, but if not, you can send fresh selfies. 


Content Trade Photoshoots


These shoots have looser requirements.   Some tattoos and non-facial piercings are OK.  The age range is 18-35.  Weight should be in the normal, healthy range.  Hair color should be somewhere close to a natural look.  If you have a true alternative or "Suicide Girl" look, I won't be able to work with you.

Instead of receiving cash, you receive images (or videos) that you can use any way you like.  You can expect about 500 images delivered within three days, which will have my logo along the bottom.  you can sell this content to your followers on OnlyFans or similar sites.   You can also use the images to enhance your online brand on Instagram or Model Mayhem.  If your fans want to see a particular outfit or fetish, it can probably be included in the shoot.


Other Arrangements

If you have something else in mind, feel free to drop me a note with your proposal.  I'm often open to negotiating a special arrangement if it seems worthwhile.


Contact Me:

Interested?  Please email me at:  [email protected]     You will receive a quicker answer if you include photos (or a link to them) that show what you currently look like nude and what kind of shoot arrangement you are seeking.