Do You Photograph Sex Workers?


If you've been following my work, you know that my business model for several years was based on doing private photoshoots for women and couples.  What you may not know is that I've always worked with local sex workers who needed sexy professional photos to boost their business.  I've photographed many escorts, dancers, cam girls, dominatrices, aspiring porn actresses and other sexual entrepreneurs that defy easy description.


I love working with these ladies and hearing about how they monetize their sexuality.  It's not too different from how I monetize my photography.  I've heard some fascinating stories that I enjoy sharing in private conversations, minus any identifying info, of course. 


One of the other things I enjoy is that these ladies always value my time.  I think this is because they get paid by the hour and have learned to value their own time.


There is no doubt that sexy professional photos enhance the ability of a sex worker to attract a more lucrative clientele.  Most often it is the experienced ladies who come to me for photos.  They tend to have their own private website to promote their services and screen clients.  The younger girls live in the world of selfies and tweets - working with a pro photographer is not something they are likely to consider.


The shoots I do for sex workers are quite varied.  Roughly half are studio shoots.  Sometimes we use her apartment.  Ladies who are visiting Portland from other cities often have me photograph them in their hotel room or vacation rental.


Urban shoots are popular, including what I call "night on the town shoots."   That means we go to three or four locations around the city and create images depicting a trendy urban lifestyle in sidewalk cafes, bars, parks and in front of well known visual landmarks.  Sometimes we can include a flash of nudity, but mostly these night on the town shoots are pretty tame.  I recommend a second shoot in the studio or other private space to get the intimate images most ladies need.


I've also done several outdoor nude shoots at rivers and waterfalls about an hour from Portland.  These are weather dependent of course, definitely Summer-only.


I generally offer a substantial discount to sex workers, although this depends on how busy I am and what kind of photoshoot they are seeking.   In return for a very reasonable fee, they get hundreds of edited pro images they can go through and choose the best ones for their needs.


Of course my usual privacy guarantee applies.  The photos are delivered via a private folder on a popular cloud service.  After my client has downloaded her copies and made her own backups, I simply delete my copies.


If this service sounds like something that can boost your business, please contact me using the contact option at the top of this page.   Just so you know, I do need to see photo ID for age verification.  Anyone under 18 is forbidden from contacting me in any way.