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My services are not for everyone.  You may live too far away, you may want a female photographer, you may just want a different style of photography or a different artistic vision.  If you wish to see more options, here is a list of my photographer friends that I recommend.  Check them out and see what you think!



Portland:  Pasha  Erotic Photography for Lovers

If you feel more comfortable with a female photographer, check out Pasha!  She is a very accomplished photographer who also offers many vanilla photo services that you can see at

In her own words:  "I love to assist in the process of ones own coming out of and returning into themselves. my specialty is working with those who are shy in front of the lens. I offer a lot of guidance as well as give you plenty of room to find your own shapes."


Beaverton:  Norm Leveille

Norm is one of those "under the radar" photographers who doesn't really advertise.  He does great nude and glamour photography - even family pictures and weddings.  Women find him by word of mouth. 


Portland:  Kenji

Kenji is a great all around photographer, but these days he is very excited about "wet plate" photography.  It uses a technique that was popular in the 1800's.  The images are very distinctive!  Check out his gallery and you'll see what I mean.  Women are flocking to him for wet plate photos.




Erotic Photography for Men - I don't have an eye for male erotica, so I refer inquiries to friends who do:


Portland:  Mika Martinez

Sometimes you just need a female photographer!  Mika is known for her "dudoir" photos of men.  She also works with women who feel more comfortable doing their boudoir photoshoot  with a female photographer.


Portland:  Frank Desantis

Frank does great work with an edgy style and is very comfortable working with men.




If you happen to be near Los Angeles, check out my friend Liquid Erotica for your erotic photography needs.





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