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Why I would rather not provide all original images


Some photographers are willing to provide all of the original (ie: RAW) images to a client on a disk.  True professionals usually do not offer this option and there are many reasons for it.   Here are the reasons why I prefer not to provide all the RAW images except in special cases:



1.  For typical beyond boudoir clients, my job is to make them look great and feel good about themselves.  Unfortunately, some of the images in a typical photoshoot are going to detract from that goal.  There will always be a percentage of shots that are not flattering.   It's just the nature of photography and my job is to make sure the client never sees those images.   If they do, it ruins the good feelings from their photoshoot and they are unlikely to work with me again or refer their friends.


2. I shoot in what is called a RAW format that is not viewable on some image processing programs.   Unlike JPG images, the RAW images are not processed in the camera before being saved to the memory card.  Processing is done later with programs like Photoshop or Lightroom.


3. I shoot in a way that depends on the images being processed a certain way, just like a film photographer processed film and prints in the darkroom.  The original images do not look very good in their undeveloped state.  It takes a skilled photographer using a program like Photoshop to make them look right.  I really don't want people viewing the RAW images.


4. My professional camera creates very large RAW image files, around 25 Megabytes each.  It takes more than one DVD to hold a complete photoshoot, so multiple disks are usually needed.  I also use Google Drive, but uploading a whole shoot takes hours.


5. When a photographer gives up control of his images, there is a risk that someone will process them poorly and post them on the internet with the photographer's name.  That is negative advertising for the photographer.


I do make exceptions for someone who has good graphic arts skills and wants to use their photos for their business.  If this sounds like your situation, let's talk about this and make sure we coordinate well.