Working with Beyond Boudoir Photo on the Road

Info for Models 



Beyond Boudoir Photo, aka: Dr. Mike, creates high quality nude photosets that are sold to a small, international group of collectors on a site called Bentbox.  The photos are for their own personal use only.  These buyers are willing to pay more for images of cis-female models that have minimal tattoos and piercings, slim, non-surgical bodies with feminine curves and natural looking hair color.    Unfortunately, Dr. Mike is based in Portland, where models like that are rare.


In order to find natural models, he travels to various cities and rents interesting houses for a few days of fun photoshoots.  He can also shoot in the model’s own home, if she has a nice space for photography.


Models are paid in cash or in images that they can sell to their own fans, which would be called a content-trade shoot.   A typical content-trade shoot produces over 500 usable images which the model receives via Google Drive.


Shoots last two hours and the style is loosely based on the old Playboy pictorials.  Models are asked to smile a lot and make eye contact with the camera.  The mood is flirty and seductive. Full nudity is required including some erotic (open leg) poses.  The shoots are always safe, fun and professional.  There is no sex or touching required and you can bring a well-behaved friend if you like.


No previous pro modeling experience is required.   Nude dancers, cam girls, hotwives, Fetlife exhibitionists, and OnlyFans creators often make great models.  All models must be over 18.  Bring government issued photo ID to the shoot.  If you look young (under 25) please bring a second piece of ID that shows your name and birth date.  (Student ID, health card, passport, etc...)


Only models who are willing to show their face can participate.   Some options are available for models who need to maintain a low profile online.  Inquire for more info on that.


Models should bring their own lingerie, heels, sleepwear, anything sheer and anything else they think looks sexy.  No need to buy anything just for the shoot, the model is the star of the show, not her outfits.


Makeup should be light, not theatrical.  No false eyelashes please.  Shaving all body hair is much appreciated, but not always required.  Good hair is important, so take some time with it before the shoot.  If possible, arrive ready to shoot or ask in advance for some time before the shoot to get ready.  On the day of your shoot, don’t wear any clothing that will leave impressions on your skin.  Jeans, bras and socks are the worst offenders.


The most difficult part of this project is getting models to show up for the shoot.  So please don’t book a shoot if you aren’t sure you can make it.   If you do book a shoot and something comes up, please send a text immediately, so that another model from the waiting list can be contacted.


When you are ready to contact Beyond Boudoir to discuss a shoot, make sure you have some photos available that show your current look.  Fresh selfies are fine, be sure to include front and back nudes that show your current hairstyle and whatever tattoos you may have.


The best contact method is email:  [email protected]


All messages will be replied to promptly and politely.