Will You Travel to My City to Do a Private Photoshoot?


I am often asked if I will do a private photoshoot far from Portland.  The answer is usually yes, but it's not cheap, due to the airfare, hotels and ground transportation that are required.   Also, I have to clear my schedule for multiple days in order to make the trip.  I avoid travelling around holidays or during bad weather.  At this time I am not travelling outside the U.S.


If the flight is short, say to Phoenix, Vegas or LA, I usually stay two or three nights in your city and get a rental car when I arrive. Longer flights, like to the East Coast, Chicago, Atlanta or Texas, require a three or four night stay.  Typically, I will arrive at your place the day before the shoot to meet you, check out the location and plan the photoshoot.     


I will process your photos when I return home, so it may be several days before you get your photos via Google Drive.  


Each client and each photoshoot is different.  After we work out the details, I can give you a firm cost estimate.  For trips involving travel, I ask for a 60% non-refundable deposit at the time the booking is made.  (I will make a full refund if for some reason I can't make the trip.)  The remainder is collected prior to delivery of the images.      


Before booking your private photoshoot, let's talk on the phone to help make sure I understand what you have in mind.  Due to the need for travel, my usual satisfaction guarantee (a free re-shoot if you don't like your images) is not applicable, so let's make sure we get it right the first time!