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Paid Nude Photoshoots for models who fit the requirements below...


Welcome and thanks for checking out Beyond Boudoir Photo.  I'm Dr. Mike, a very experienced pro photographer.  My core mission as described elsewhere on my website, is to provide very discrete, private erotic photoshoots for classy people.  When I'm not doing that, I photograph models to create high quality photosets that I publish for sale online. 

I created this page to provide information to Instagram models who may want to work with me.  If you decide you aren't interested and don't wish to be contacted again, please reply on Instagram with "no thanks."  Now let's start with what most models want to know first.


Location:  I'm based near Portland, Oregon where I have a lovely home studio about 20 minutes Northeast of PDX airport.  I sometimes rent studio locations in Portland and I enjoy shooting at the model's place if there is enough room.  I also travel to cities like Seattle and Phoenix.


The purpose of my model shoots is to create nude/erotic photosets that I sell to a small group of upscale, international buyers on a platform called Bentbox where I'm a top 5% creator.   My shoots are always easy, safe, fun and professional.  I call my style "classy erotica" and it's loosely based on the old Playboy pictorials.   Shoots last two hours and require full nudity including some erotic (open leg) poses.  There is no sex or touching of any kind.  You are welcome to bring one friend if you like. 


Model Requirements for paid shoots:  I wish I could offer a paid shoot to every model who contacts me.  Unfortunately, I'm limited in which models I can pay, because there is a lot of competition and the fans who buy my work have very specific tastes.  They like pretty models who are cis-female, fit, 18-30, up to about 130 lbs, natural B-D cup, with mainstream hair, and most importantly, they must be free of distracting tattoos and prominent piercings.  I call this a "girl next door" look.  Models must have valid ID and be willing to sign a model release form.


That means I can only pay models who fit that description and are comfortable with erotic poses. I occasionally make an exception for a model who is very well known and has a large following.  I do work with models who have a few smaller tattoos.  Sometimes it's a tough call and I will often ask potential models to send nude mirror selfies showing what they look like today.  I need to know what a model looks like nude before I can offer her a paid or trade nude shoot.  Asking for current photos also helps me deal with the large number of modeling inquiries I get that are completely fake or just not serious.


Model Fee:  For paid shoots I pay a competitive model fee based on the local market as well as the model's look, style and posing experience.  The typical range is 100-125 per hour for a two hour shoot. In addition to cash, models receive at least ten edited images that are suitable for social media.  


Content Trade Shoots:  If your goal is to create content for online sales, we can discuss a trade shoot where no money is involved and we both sell the images to our own fans.  Model requirements are looser than for paid shoots.  You receive roughly 500 usable images that you can sell on OF or use any way you like.  It takes me three days to edit and send you the images.  

References:  The quickest way to check references is to message some of the models I've featured on Instagram.  Or, check my profile on Model Mayhem, I have over 70 "credits" there from models I've worked with.  Nearly every model says they loved working with me and many come back for repeat shoots.

Quite a few models have chosen me to do their first nude or erotic photoshoot, so it's OK if it's your first time.  I can provide lots of posing guidance and love chatting about the industry if you like.


To discuss a possible shoot or just ask questions, please don't use the contact link at the top of this page, that's for clients who pay me for private shoots.  You can message me on Instagram if you like, contact me on Model Mayhem, or email me at:   [email protected]  I'm happy to talk on the phone if you like.


One of my biggest challenges is getting models to show up for scheduled shoots, so I require a phone number before I book a model.  I send an occasional text message to see if they are still on board.  


If you'd like to talk on the phone, that would be fabulous, just give me your number and I will text you to set up a time.  Feel free to ask me anything, I'm very open about my work.


Thanks for reading!