Photosets for Collectors of Fine Erotic Art   


If you enjoy my work and want to see more than what I can display here, you may wish to purchase my photosets.  Here's what you need to know:


When I'm not working with private clients, I enjoy photographing professional models.  It keeps my skills sharp and gives me opportunities to try out new techniques and gear.  This work is what produces nearly all of the images you see here on my site.  Since images of my private clients must remain private, it's essential for me to have another source.


I usually shoot for two hours with pro models, which produces at least 500 usable images.  I compile these into a photoset that gives you a good picture of how the shoot progressed.  These photosets have been popular with aspiring photographers who want to get a feel for my style.  But to be honest, they are mostly purchased by men around the world who just want sexy still photos as a nice alternative to the adult video content that floods the internet.  My style is loosely based on the old Playboy pictorials, a look that has become rare these days.  My style diverges from classic Playboy in that I try to bring out the personality of the model and show her as she really is.  That's why I do very little retouching. 


If you enjoy my work and want to see more, you can purchase photosets on the sales platform called Bentbox.  (link below)


Each photoset includes all the "keepers" from a particular photoshoot that I did with a pro model or couple (not private clients who pay me).  This is typically 500-700 high resolution images that you will be able to download onto your own hard drive.  These copyrighted images are for your personal enjoyment only!  You will not have legal authority to resell them or post them anywhere online.  


If you wish to purchase a photoset, just visit my page on where you can use your credit card to purchase sets of images called "boxes."  I've worked with Bentbox for years.  They are a legitimate company and follow the latest credit card protection protocols.   FYI:  I call boxes with more than 500 images "megaboxes."


I know some are reluctant to give their address and credit card info to an internet company they've never heard of, so I can also do direct sales of photosets.   Click here to email me a direct sale request.


If you have a very generous budget and would like to commission a shoot with a particular model, feel free to drop me an inquiry via email here:  Custom Shoot Inquiry