Privacy Policy


When you pay most photographers to photograph you, they typically sell you prints and some will provide you with digital copies of your photos.  But it is important to remember that in most cases, the photographer still owns the digital images and retains the right to use the photos, at least in their online portfolio.   Of course they hope to sell you more prints in the future.  It's nothing sinister, just the normal way of doing things in the business of photography.


Beyond Boudoir Photo does things differently.


Images created for paid clients will never be used on my website or any other place on the internet, with one possible exception. Some clients will ask me to post a few of their photos in my portfolio just for the erotic thrill of exhibitionism.  I'm open to that as long as you are not identifiable.  Other than that, the photos you see on my site are of paid models or friends who agreed to model in exchange for images they can use for their own purposes. 


Edited images are normally sent to you via a private Google Drive folder.  If you prefer another secure file transfer method, I'd be happy to use yours if I don't have to open an account.


If you truly need MAXIMUM PRIVACY, I can hand you the memory card from my camera at the end of the photoshoot and walk away.  There is a $100 fee and of course you don't have the benefit of my photo editing and retouching skills, so the image quality probably won't be as nice as what you see on my site.  This is also a good alternative for those who wish to do their own editing.


I rarely get asked to do this, but I am willing to sign an agreement not to share your photos if you have one written up.


At the end of each year, I delete all private photos from the previous year from my database.   If you ask, I will delete them sooner.  Just make sure you have at least two backups of your own, because I won't be able to replace lost images.