An Alternate Way to Get the Passwords to My Restricted Galleries


I prefer to keep access to my more mature galleries restricted to those who are actually interested in hiring me to do a photoshoot for them.  Sorry, I'm not running a porn site, you know!   (If you are serious about booking me to do a shoot for you, please contact me here.)


If you simply love my work and want to see more, you can find it on Bentbox and purchase it in massive quantities at reasonable prices.  I would love it if you did, it's a nice way to show your appreciation.


I do get frequent requests for the passwords from other photographers and from people who want to plan their own photoshoot with another photographer.  For those folks I do offer an alternative way to get the passwords to the restricted galleries.  Here's what you need to do.


Post a link to this site http// somewhere on the net.  It could be facebook, twitter, your blog, a photography forum or something similar.   Tell your friends why you think Beyond Boudoir Photo is a great photography service.   I will not respond if I can't see the post because your page is visible only to friends or if you only have a few followers.  


Then send that link to me using  [email protected]      If it looks like it will actually bring some people to my site, I will email you the two passwords.


Please do not share the passwords with others or steal the photos, which are all copyrighted!   I do enjoy trading messages with other photographers, especially accomplished professionals who have their own work available online that I can appreciate and discuss with them.