Maternity Photos




As you might expect, my maternity images tend to be a bit on the wild side compared to ordinary commercial photographers.  If you are thinking about scheduling a maternity photoshoot, please contact me by email and I will send you the password to the maternity gallery.


Women generally come to me because they want nude photos to highlight and preserve the beauty of pregnancy.  As with any nude photoshoot, every woman is different and must be posed in a unique way to highlight her shape.  Most women seem to prefer being photographed in their ninth month, but I recommend scheduling the shoot earlier.  The final month gets very busy and photoshoot plans often get cancelled.  It is also easier to move and pose if you do your shoot earlier.  I find that month 6-7 is a great time for sexy photos.  But the best option of all, is to schedule three shoots, in month 4, 6 and 8, to show the amazing changes that happen over time.  I do offer a discount for multiple maternity shoots.


The second category of maternity photos is often called the mama-baby style  Most new moms are happy with commercial photos that show them holding their baby.  I am usually asked to create images of topless moms breastfeeding their newborns or simply snuggling together.  I usually use a soft style for these photos.  I've always gone to the home for these, since the baby is more likely to be happy at home.


A third category involves the dad in a family maternity portrait.  It's hard to get dads to pose, so you pretty much have to schedule the photoshoot for whenever he is willing and gently persuade him to participate.


If you'd like to know more technical details about a nude maternity photoshoot, you may enjoy this blog post.


Please use the contact form to initiate a discussion about doing a maternity shoot.