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Another Fine Art Nude Photoshoot in the Art Studio

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Another Fine Art Nude Photoshoot in the Art Studio


I had to go back to my friend Glenn's art studio for another shoot.  The great daylight, the big stunning paintings and the old run down parts of the building were calling me back.  I waited for the perfect model to be available.   This lovely young lady uses the name Glass Olive on Model Mayhem.   She travels around working with photographers, so if you are a photographer and she happens to be in your area, you should give her a try.


The first two photos make use of the vertical wooden beams that are 100+ years old.   None of these photos have any significant retouching, just cropping and exposure adjustment.



The next three photos show the lovely window light and rustic interior.  I added a bit of fill light from one of my trusty Alien Bees with a simple umbrella.


Now we begin to include some of Glenn's amazing paintings!

This shot with the black, white and red painting was so dramatic that I felt an urge to add something unusual.  Guess I got a bit carried away with the grain slider!



That really is a painting behind Glass Olive.   It is all black, only the texture is visible.



If you think those paintings are big, wait till you see this one!


Believe it or not, Glenn doesn't really have a web site to promote his art.  If you'd like to contact him about buying one of his paintings, drop me an email and I will forward your contact info.

That's all for now!



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