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The Art of the Erotic Engagement Photoshoot

August 10, 2013  •  1 Comment

The Art of the Erotic Engagement Photoshoot (NSFW)


Couples celebrate their union in many ways.  In our culture, there is an expectation that professional wedding photos will be taken that follow a fairly rigid style.  Gradually, we are seeing couples look for other ways to remember the early days of their relationship and the intense feelings they have for each other.

It is now common to have a professional photographer take engagement photos.  For most, they follow the usual format and look a lot like wedding photos.   But for those who follow their own path, there is the erotic engagement photoshoot.  (warning, naughty photos below)

I believe there are several reasons for the increasing popularity of this style of shoot.  Young people today are more comfortable with nudity and they are more comfortable being in front of a camera.  They have been photographed constantly since birth, so the idea of having their own artistic nude photoshoot appeals to them more than previous generations.  They are also more self-aware.  They know that the years of hot passion and tight bodies aren't going to last.  Memories fade, but photos are forever.

Although I refer to these shoots as engagement shoots, about a quarter of them are done after the wedding.  This makes sense, since the pre-wedding months tend to be busy and stressful.  They are usually done in the studio, and often processed in black and white.

The photos I create are usually very private, but one couple did agree to allow me to use their photos.  I thank them for that!  Take a look and see if you can feel the love.



Erotic Engagement Photoshoot for Portland Couple


Erotic Engagement Photoshoot for Portland Couple





Erotic Engagement Photoshoot for Portland Couple




Erotic Engagement Photoshoot for Portland Couple



Of course, each erotic engagement photoshoot is different.  Some are done in the client's home, some are done in upscale hotel rooms and some are done outdoors when the weather permits.  If you would like to find out more about scheduling your own erotic photoshoot, please  Contact me by email to schedule your own photoshoot.    And of course, please read the Beyond Boudoir Photo FAQ for more information and answers to your questions. 


What lovely photos! Wish I lived in Portland. :(
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