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Pole Dancing Photoshoots

October 12, 2014  •  1 Comment

Pole Dancing Photoshoots




They say that Portland is the strip club capitol of America -   For whatever reason, there is a strip club on almost every major street in some parts of the city.  Being a dancer is not an easy life.  The hours are irregular and you may have to move from club to club.   Girls who have advanced pole dancing skills tend to earn more than those who don't so there is an incentive to practice.


I enjoy doing photoshoots for dancers.   It helps that I have a pole in my studio.  It actually has bearings that allow the pole to spin, so you can hang on tight.   Of course the pole can be removed when it isn't needed.   I love trying to catch the girls at just the right moment as they spin around the pole.


Here are some examples that have not been retouched, as I usually do for paying clients:



You can just use the pole as a posing aid if you like.  It helps the model hold poses that are flattering to her figure.


A Portland Pole Dancer of ColorA Portland Pole Dancer of Color



Photographing a model who is actively dancing is a cross between sports photography and artistic figure study.  You can capture some amazing musculature at work.


Portland Pole Dancer Blonde TwoPortland Pole Dancer Blonde Two



The strobe lights freeze the motion, so I get some very interesting poses. 


Portland Pole Dancer, Brunette OnePortland Pole Dancer, Brunette One


Portland Pole Dancer Brunette Two Nude NSFWPortland Pole Dancer Brunette Two Nude NSFW



The model does not necessarily have to be nude.  There are all kinds of costuming options.


Portland Pole Dancer Black and BeautifulExotic Portland Pole Dancer


If you know of any pole dancers who would like some professional photos, please send them my way!


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