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Portland Boudoir Photographers, Choosing a Male or Female Photographer

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Should I Choose a Male or Female Photographer?



When a woman begins to contemplate a sexy photoshoot, one of the first decisions she makes is the gender of her photographer.   This is a very important question and it has two parts.


The first part concerns the comfort of the woman posing.  Some women get very nervous being nude in front of a man, even if the purpose  for that nudity is understandable and acceptable.  Other women are more nervous being nude in front of a woman.  They feel that women are more critical and may be thinking unkind thoughts that they don't reveal.

The most important aspect of a successful boudoir or erotic photoshoot is being comfortable with your photographer, so this question can't be dismissed.  You should give it some thought and imagine what is best for you. 


The second part of this question is if a male or a female photographer is more likely to get you the kind of images you want.  If you browse several photographers' web sites, you can see that a photographer's style is influenced by their gender.  Here at Beyond Boudoir Photo, it's pretty obvious that I'm a male photographer.

Female photographers tend to gravitate toward standard commercial boudoir photography.  This style is mostly about the photoshoot experience.  The client is pampered, made up, and dressed in sexy lingerie.  It's much like spending the afternoon at a spa.  The resulting images are a woman's fantasy of how she wants to see herself.  The goal is to make her look like a celebrity.  The photos are pretty tame and can easily be shared with friends and relatives.


Male photographers are more likely to bring out a woman's sexuality in a way that a man would appreciate.  This can mean more nudity and more suggestive poses.   Lingerie and makeup are useful, but they usually play a secondary role.  A common way to describe the difference in styles is "lingerie catalog vs. men's magazine."  Some women seek out a male photographer because they feel they will get sexier images if they can flirt a little with the photographer and flirting with a woman doesn't work for them.


Let's say you want hot photos to excite your man, but you aren't comfortable posing nude with a male photographer you hardly know.  A great solution is to bring along a trusted girlfriend, that way you get the best of both options!



One thing to watch out for:  Many male photographers actually shoot art nudes rather than boudoir or erotic portraits.  A typical example will have a nude model posed in some unlikely place, an abandoned building, in a forest or even on a deserted city street.  The models are often not looking at the camera and are not in seductive poses.   While these can be very artistic and demonstrate the photographer's skill, they may not evoke sexual feelings in the viewer.


Obviously I have oversimplified this rather complex situation.  There is nothing to keep male photographers from shooting the commercial boudoir style images that are typically done by female photographers and in fact many do, since there is more money to be made in that genre.   Most men who do this have female partners and assistants who help create the pampered experience that goes with this style.


Now here's a tougher question:  Can female photographers shoot the more sexual images typically created by male photographers?  On a technical level, of course they can.  But from what I've seen, very few are comfortable or experienced with this style.  It's an interesting example of the complex psychology involved in erotic photography.





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