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One of the most frequent comments I get from visitors to this site is the impression that I only work with women who are amazingly attractive.   That is definitely not the case, but there are reasons why it looks that way.


The most obvious reason is that I go to great lengths to make each women look her best.   But there is another factor at work here.


Most of the "normal looking" women I work with are paying clients, whose images are strictly private and can't be shared here.  Most of the photos you see are of professional models who need images for self-promotion.  These women are quite comfortable posing nude and sharing the photos with you.    This results in eye catching photos, but gives the unfortunate impression that I only work with gorgeous professional models.   Sometimes I do have a chance to work with a non-model who is willing to have the photos shared here in return for a free photoshoot.   I call that a "trade shoot," but the old industry term is TFP or "trade for prints."


Brandy is a sweet thirty-something woman who just wants to dabble in nude modeling for the fun of it.  She has discovered that she loves being in front of the camera and was happy to volunteer to be the subject of this blog post.



Let's call this first photo, Basic Brandy:



This photo was taken after Brandy had her makeup applied by my lovely wife/assistant.  Makeup is fairly important, but I feel that hair is even more important.   In this case Brandy arrived with a beautiful new hair style that would help greatly with her photoshoot.


She wanted to make sure that we documented her unique tattoo, which we did.   This is quite common.  Here in Portland, almost all women have tattoos.



Now, with some creative posing and a bit of retouching we will turn Brandy into a glamourous model!






Looking glamorous is great, but I also like to capture the personality of my subjects.  The photo below is unretouched.  Notice the lines near her eyes.  I could have removed them with photoshop, but I feel they help the viewer connect with the real Brandy.





In this last photo, I combine my "real girl next door" style with some good old fashioned retouching.  Compare this one with the photo above to see the difference retouching makes.



My thanks to Brandy for allowing me to use her for this blog post.  I hope you found it helpful.   If you are a photographer in the Portland area and would like to work with Brandy, I believe you can find her here.




Lovely and informative too.
Good job! Regards!
I like how you found some really great angles on this beauty. The tattoo is spectacular boudoir, for example.
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