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Road Trips Lolitas and Motorcycles

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Road Trips, Lolitas and Motorcycles!



Gentle Readers,


You may have noticed that I haven't added to this blog in a while.  I was on a trip to the Southwest US and have yet to master the art of blogging with an I-pad.  I much prefer my custom made, high horsepower desktop work station.  It was fun doing private photoshoots and visiting friends in Vegas and Phoenix.  The weather was so beautiful!   Perhaps someday I might spend the cold part of the year in one or both of those warm cities.   Sorry I can't share any of the private photos I did for clients there, but I do have a few goodies for you.  Follow the links if you want to know more.


The shot below is an abstract nightscape showing one of the large hotels on the Vegas strip at night with the eerie reflections of other tall buildings.   I shot it with my Canon T5i and 18-135mm lens.  This combo is great for travel, much smaller and lighter than my professional cameras.   It also allows you to use a much lighter tripod for night work!



Here is a photo of famous US Route 66 in Arizona, just East of the historic mining town of Oatman.  It's hard to believe this used to be a major cross-continent highway!


Old Route 66 in ArizonaOld Route 66 in Arizona


One of the highlights of my trip was a visit to Taliesin West, the Winter home and school of the famous architect Frank Loyd Wright.  If you go, be sure to pay for the 90 minute guided tour.  It's expensive but worth every penny. The image below shows one of the many sculptures on the grounds.



Immediately upon returning to Portland, I did a "Lolita" photoshoot for a young lady after checking her ID three ways!  (If you are not truly over 18, please do not ask for a naughty photoshoot!)  The definition of Lolita is pretty vague.  Last year I did a shoot for a model who called herself a "Goth Lolita" and the two Lolitas could not look more different.   I think I'd call this one "kinky Lolita."



Yesterday I met up with my friend Anna who wanted photos of herself looking sexy with her motorcycle.  She rides a red Ducati, which made for some dramatic photos.   She is a local model, if you want to work with her go to her profile on Model Mayhem.  She loves posing with her Ducati, plus she currently lives on seven hilly, forested acres with a scenic stream that is available for photoshoots.



I've also been busy responding to many inquiries regarding erotic photoshoots for couples.  If I missed responding to yours, please use the contact form to send me another note.


That's all for this post, stay tuned for more...


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