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Fifty Shades of Grey Portland Hotel Room Photoshoot

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Fifty Shades of Grey Photoshoot

in a Portland Hotel Room



As everyone knows by now, some of the hot scenes in Fifty Shades of Grey take place in Portland hotel rooms. Although Fifty Shades is pure fantasy, using Portland for some of the action is pretty realistic, since Portland has a large and thriving BDSM scene.  Look up Portland Leather Alliance if you want to know more.


I've always enjoyed doing naughty shoots for couples in hotel rooms.  It's fun walking past the front desk, acting like an ordinary businessman, knowing that I'm going to be helping in someone's secret erotic adventure.   As I have said many times in the pages of this blog, the photos I take for paying clients are absolutely private and you will never see them.  Occasionally, I do what I call a "trade shoot" with a woman or couple that are happy to have their images shared with you.  They get a free photoshoot, I get images for my portfolio and you get to see the results.  It's a win-win-win situation!


Couples often request that I do some sexy shots of the lady first, then the two of them together.   You will notice that this lovely lass is enjoying the attention!






For the last several years, the hot trend in the BDSM world has been rope bondage.  Not just any rope bondage, but artistic, Japanese-inspired bondage.  The woman who asked for this photoshoot has a friend who is an expert in the rope arts.  He did not want his full face to be in any images I post here and I had no problem with that; it's a frequent request.







This shoot was done in the late afternoon to take advantage of the natural window light.  When shooting on the bed, I also placed a studio strobe at camera right with a gold umbrella to add some interesting color.  The entire shoot was done with a Canon 5D Mark 3 and Canon's amazing 24-70 F/2.8 L II lens.


To get the shot below, I was actually standing on the bed looking down at my client.  Not an easy thing with the soft and springy mattress used in this upscale Portland hotel.




Afterwards, the happy couple made a visit to the local sex-positive nightclub known as Club Sesso Check it out if you are visiting Portland and wish to broaden your sexual horizons.

Hope you enjoyed the sexy images!  If you happen to be coming to Portland, I'd love to do an erotic photoshoot for you and/or your partner.   I can also be persuaded to travel to your city, if your budget is flush.  You can contact me here.





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