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Five Reasons Why Couples Travel Long Distances For Erotic Photoshoots In Portland

November 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Five Reasons Why Couples Travel Long Distances For Erotic Photoshoots In Portland


Before I started this web site, most of my clients were local women who wanted photos for their lovers or to use on adult dating sites.  But when people started to discover my site, that changed dramatically.  Now, the most popular service I offer is the erotic photoshoot for couples.  Originally, I thought that most of my clients would always come from the Portland area.  Oddly, it hasn't turned out that way at all.  Almost all of the couples who hire me to do erotic photos are from outside the Portland area.  Not just outside the state, but from outside the region!  I've worked with couples from Canada, Georgia, Montana, the UK, you name it!

It took me a while to figure out why this was happening, but I now think there are at least five reasons.


First,  some people don't feel safe doing an erotic photoshoot close to home.  They may live in a conservative area where sexuality is not a polite topic.   They may have jobs that could be affected if naughty photos ever leaked out.   Seeking out a photographer hundreds or thousands of miles away gives a bit more safety margin.   At least you won't have to worry about a friend asking why they saw you walking into the photo studio on main street.


Second,  people see my web site and realize that I'm comfortable creating the kind of images they want.  It seems that the vast majority of "Boudoir" photographers want nothing to do with real eroticism.  After being rudely turned down by local photographers, it makes sense that a couple would expand their internet search to find what they need.


Third,  many couples seek out my services because of my strict privacy policy.  Not all photographers are willing to hand over the rights to the photos they have created.  You may be able to negotiate an agreement, but why not just start with a photographer who respects your privacy from the start?


Fourth,  Portland is a fun place to visit!  In the summer, there is the Oregon Coast, the Cascade Mountains and the Columbia River Gorge within a two hour drive.   In the Winter, Portlanders flock to Powell's Books, coffee shops, microbreweries, indie restaurants and small venues for live music.  And don't forget the food carts!


Fifth,  What happens in Portland, stays in Portland!   No need to share intimate details with your friends and family at home, unless you want to!


Erotic Photoshoot for a Portland CoupleErotic Photoshoot for a Portland Couple

A special thanks to my friends in the photo above for posing for me.  When I do paid shoots for clients, the images are not available for use here on my site, so I depend on friends to help out. 


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